Google Classroom

How to Access Google Classroom

  1. Find your classroom teacher in our Staff Directory (if your child has multiple teachers, please find them all).

  2. Click on the teacher to view their profile. Each teacher has a Class Code listed. Use the Class Code to join the class and start learning.

  3. Go to Google Classroom:

  4. Enter the Class Code for the class you would like to join.


How to Access Your School Google Account

  • Students already have school Gmail accounts set up for them.
  • The accounts are based on their first name, last name, and date of birth.
  • Username is:
  • Password: FirstNameInitalLastNameInitialMonthDayYear
  • Please make sure the password starts with the first name and last name initials (lowercase).
  • You will use this information to login into the student's Google Account.
  • The Google Account can be accessed in different ways including through

































Student Name: Layla Brown

Birth Date: May 21, 2009 (5/21/2009)


Password: lb5212009